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Wednesday June 10th, 2015

Wednesday June 10th, 2015
Alachua, Florida

No Blues Today

Yesterday we enjoyed the fresh water of one of the many springs in Florida. Today, we had a good look and a good bite at blueberries.

At the outskirt of a town, Worthington Springs, I found myself at an organic farm for blue-berries, a pick-your-own farming enterprise. They were not like the low-lying wild blue-berries I’m accustomed to in the Canadian shield, but like small trees and bearing a slight tart taste.

A torrential rainstorm terminated our picking, but I felt, while it lasted, that a community spirit was well in shape. Everyone in the orchard was a devotee of Krishna by some circumstance. yes, this is a popular place for devotees who are known to pick, freeze and pull batches out of the freezer for periodical pie-making or the cooking of semolina halava garnished with the beauts. For one, the experience brought me back to the days of adolescence when picking feverishly at cherries in the month of June in Canada.

Morning also involved a trip to Gainesville, the Krishna House where I conducted a class in the Bhagavatam. Evening was an intriguing challenge. I was asked to conduct a session with kids. What age was coming? I wasn’t sure what age group? Somehow someone had trust in me. So, I walked into the temple in Alachua and there were no less than thirty kids sat, waiting for my entrance and ready for some stimulation.

I did my best. The kirtan at the end somehow came of as less zoo-like considering the incredible age-range from 3 to 12.  My dear Lord, thanks for the challenge.

May the Source be with you!

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