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Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015
Calgary, Alberta

Observing Nature Gave Substance To My Talk

Craig Ginn brought his students from Mount Royal College.  A great walk on Calgary's Greenway, then brunch at Yogendra's over fiddle-heads on buns - these two engagements got me pumped up for meeting students who wanted to know everything from the soul's transmigration to destiny at death.
If it wasn't for the walk through nature in the morning my philosophical presentation to these students would appear theoretical, even shallow.  Because I took that stroll and with two good souls, Gaurachandra and Vani, I witnessed life in the form of magpies in flight, ravens perched and other fowl in anticipation of conquest, of death of food, of sex, I could speak with a greater conviction, fullness, and support behind me.
I detected some shyness in the group of students and some reluctance to sing, dance, and even ask questions in the beginning.  It took time for the students to get comfortable but they got there and to the point where they really appreciated the interactiveness.  They were great!  They were served veggie burgers.  Irresistible!
Now, my host in Calgary, had his birthday today.  Radha Madhava turned forty-seven, looks like thirty-one.  I think its all that vegetarianism in the form of prasadam that keeps him young.
Every time I visit Calgary Radha Madhava calls everyone to his home for a sanga.  He manages to pack his place.  The formula to success on his sanga programs is feed everyone at 6:30 pm.  Satisfy the palate.  Then roll on the kirtan and then the discussion.  Program finished by 9:30 pm at the latest.

May the Source be with you!

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