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Thursday, June 11th, 2015

Thursday, June 11th, 2015
Orlando, Florida

Fill Life With Stories

The story of Dvidvida gorilla is a charmer for young and old and everyone else in between.  After that regular trek that I take from Ananta’s house to the Alachua temple, I lead my last kirtan and class in the area before departing for Orlando.  When time came for class, the episode of the infamous gorilla came, as in sequence to our morning Bhagavatam discussion. 

Dvidvida is both a nuisance and troublemaker.  As light as the story sometimes sounds, it can also remind us of the more serious nature of the inner demon that is said to distract us from the path of devotional service.  He is horrendous in his habits.  He pollutes sacrificial structures with his urine and feces.  He carries off with his powerful arms, men and women, concealing them in hidden away caves, and also makes gross approaches towards simple village women.  The hairy ape is obnoxious.  Finally, he challenges the brother of Krishna, Balaram, when he meets his match and is swiftly done away with. 

We may ask for strength and call on Balaram with the hope to subdue the monster within.  When we chant, “Rama”, it refers to Balaram in anticipation that agitation within will be replaced by the desire to serve. 

Part two of today had us end up at Abhimanyu Arjuna’s home for a sangha.  Here, families came with children and certainly, they remained focused on a less culprit story.  They became enchanted (and so did their accompanying parents) by the tale of Krishna and Sudhama.  As boyhood schoolmates, they shared some good times together.  With the passage of time, and years of separation, they reunited in a cordial and endearing recollection of childhood pastimes.  It is not a bad idea for all of us to recall our days of innocence, especially after we dwell on some of our own selfish follies.  It can be very humbling and therapeutic.

May the Source be with you!

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