Saturday, 20 June 2015

Saturday, June 6th, 2015

Saturday, June 6th, 2015
Toronto, Ontario

A Minor Conquest

Whenever I have an issue with my knee or ankle, not terribly serious though, but with some pain, I've found it helpful to walk myself through the problem.  Today was that day for that to happen.

Beginning from our ashram, Karuna, Dan, and I set on foot for the bike/pedestrian trail along the Don River.  Soaking in sun, sheltering under shade and dodging hundreds of outdoor enthusiasts that shared the path was the initial phase of our sojourn.  That then changed.  At Taylor Creek Park the trail thins out and even becomes practically impossible for a cyclist.  You enter mean forest with a narrow strip of walkway.  The ground is soft but uneven in spots.  That's what helps an ailing knee or ankle.  The mechanics I don't quite understand.  What I do know is that certain muscles that are usually lazy from a straight and flat sidewalk now get activated.

We are basically following a trail by the Don.  And it was lovely.  Here you are in the city but totally aloof - in the green.  The Don continued to meander.  It was a new discovery - this place and unfortunately our journey was to terminate, not because the river ended.  It continues for some distance, yet to be explored for a future date.  We actually had a lunch engagement much further up the Don.  It was time to come out of the river's ravine and catch a ride to meet our appointment.  Otherwise we would anticipate a four hour journey through the up-and-down gorgeousness of the wilderness.  
End result of all the exploration was that my agitated knee felt repaired.  I like this kind of conquest which was backed-up by the Supreme, the Maker of rivers and the Blesser of trails.

May the Source be with you!

10 km

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