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Monday, June 16th, 2015

Monday, June 16th, 2015
Toronto, Ontario

After Lunch

It was just after lunch that a small kirtan party led by your humble servant made our way to the waterfront.  By water I'm referring to Lake Ontario and like other major cities in North America, Toronto is trying to follow on a spruced up water-edged world.  Along Queen's Quay where we did roam and chant, we also picked up on the fact that the city is working at a frenzy to get ready for the PAN-AM games.  Finishing touches are being done to road and pathways.
You see a combination of water, sand, concrete, green space with umbrellas and what someone would describe as Muskoka chairs under those shades.  It truly is a hot spot, well, supposed to be a 'cool' spot, as in temperature and as in a tourist draw.
Our timing was a little off though.  After lunch everyone's back in the office.  Night-time would be more desirable for foot-traffic but we were there to explore and to survey the area.  Prospects look good.
Anyway all was said and done.  People were perked up to see and hear us.  Flyers were distributed to inform all about July's Festival of Chariots/India in the midst of the Pan Am Games.  I got my exercise in, but not to a full satisfactory level.  I went to phase 2, down the ravine, at dusk.
Solitude is what I needed, after all - some down-time.  Recent rains I was unaware of, created a slide effect.  Nothing like the scene from 'Woodstock.'  Just a lone monk moving down a trail adds to a long list of trekking.

May the Source be with you!

11 km

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