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Sunday June 7th, 2015

Sunday June 7th, 2015
Toronto, Ontario

Not a True Square Place

Dundas Square in Toronto’s answer to Times Square. At that very spot, the juncture of Yonge and Dundas, a promo festival to the upcoming Chariot Festival, was held today. I went from stall to stall schmoozing before joining the beautiful kirtan that task place. there was also a mock exotic temple erected for the public to experience. Face-painting, henna, food (prasadam), clothes and other wares were on for sale. There were a lot of curious browsers and eager participants.

One artist there who had this fantastic work in progress, oil on canvas, was a rendering of the face of Krishna collaged with the elements. He rather liked the location for the event. A fairly newcomer to Canada and who hails from Cuba, he was surprised to know about Dundas Square. “Twenty years ago this did not exist,” I explained. “It was a block of buildings for retail. i have a brother-in-law who owned a jewelry store on this block. The city decided some time ago that a public space was needed to break the monotonous feature of the highrises.”

That was a smart decision although in my opinion there could have been some green at the scene. A huge stage is a permanent fixture. There is seating and water-fountains geyser up in the air from time to time. It is a far way from the descriptions you read about regarding the gorgeous city in Dwarka during Krishna’s time but it was an honest effort on the part of the conscientious city council.

I want to congratulate the team of Keshav, Rukmini and others who worked hard to assemble this little Krishna Conscious market-place on behalf of the Ratha Yatra. Job well done!

May the Source be with you!

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