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Sunday, May 31st, 2015

Sunday, May 31st, 2015
Toronto, Ontario

Ford Connection

Small world,” is what we concluded.
Alfred Brush Ford, the great grandson of motor vehicle inventor, Henry Ford, came to town on a fundraiser for  a huge temple construction in Mayapura, India.  I had crossed paths with him a few times in spiritual circles, mostly in India.  Also known as Ambarisa (his Sanskrit name), he graced us with his presence, and the divine company of his wife, Svaha. 

This time around upon meeting him I had to ask him a question which would confirm some karmic connection between him and I in this life.

So, you were raised in Detroit?”
Yes,” he said. 
You’re a Motown boy?”
You could say that.”
Did you ever come up to Canada when you were young, particularly in Ontario?”
Yes, I used to go to see Shakespeare plays in Stratford, Ontario.”
Okay, but did your family have property about an hour’s drive from Detroit in Ontario?”
Yes, the family had a lodge in the marshy areas.” “Near Tilbury?”
I believe that was it, but it was a lodge where guys used to go and hunt ducks.  My dad tried to show me how to use a gun, and I accidentally almost blew his head off.”  (Laughter)

Were there pictures of scantily clad ladies on the walls of the lodge?  And did the place always have a cigarette smell?”
That’s it!” I said, “My dad did the maintenance there.  He used to put out the duck decoys, spread corn out in the marsh in hip boots in order to attract ducks, and he used to clean the lodge.  On my last walk I trekked through that area, and my sister, Roseanne, who accompanied me for a bit, mentioned that the Ford family owned the lodge.”

Ambarisa found it thoroughly interesting that I used to hang out there as he did, but we never met then.  He told me of the time when he was a hippy, and with a friend got on board a motor boat and then got caught in an electric storm when they were tripping, and how a duck in flight lead the motor boat to the lodge after being lost in the marsh and canals.

Isn’t that something, Ambarisa?  My brother and I had gone fishing there, and we used to help our dad.  We caught fish but we couldn’t stand eating them.  What a small world it is.”

May the Source be with you!

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