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Monday, June 1st, 2015

Monday, June 1st, 2015
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Calm Through Conflict

Most people enter a period of conflict in their life when governed by dark influence, even dark planets.  The Vedas of India identify two such planets - Rahu and Ketu.  It is a time when self-reflection is of optimum importance and comes in handy when entering a storm in consciousness.  We get emotional and defensive.
It reminds me of Arjuna going through his emotional intensity.  And then Krishna offers him a sense of balance.  
I've found that during internal storms I would be compelled to self-reflect.  In a recent article in "The Globe and Mail" newspaper article by Harvey Schachter, a quoted Cinnie Noble says, "reflection moves our brains from the emotional part, the amygdala, to the thinking part, the prefrontal cortex."
This technique of shifting from emotion to logic and reasoning is the technique used by Sri Krishna in steering Arjuna to a more grounded position.  Arjuna had been puzzled upon seeing to the difficult task of fighting kinsmen and friends.  Arjuna found himself confused, grieving, trembling, crying - being emotional.
Krishna put some loving pressure on Arjuna and addressed him saying that his reaction was one of "petty weakness of heart."  Arjuna's head and heart were at war.
Somehow - because the relationship between Krishna and Arjuna was valued between the two persons - Krishna's pressure and Arjuna's letting up was able to transpire, and Arjuna was able to come to some resolve.  He weathered the storm and became peaceful within.  He listened then to Krishna's logic and was able to transcend.

May the Source be with you!

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