Saturday, 20 June 2015

Saturday, June 13th, 2015

Saturday, June 13th, 2015
Miami, Florida

Had Our Share

We had our share of stepping on sea urchins.  I probably did more walking through water today than moving on the ground surface.  Sea urchins were everywhere and once again, crocs came in most handy.  For those of us who ventured barefoot the prickly entities became a bit of a nuisance.
At Key-Biscayne, where the Atlantic waters are indeed fine in temperature, our group of Krishna devotees from Miami (monks and lay members), enjoyed the cooling effect of a swim.  We were boating and then anchored near a sandbar by Craig who runs it like a friendly business.  His captain and two young staff members really got a charge out of our kirtan on the way to the destination and on its return.  They not only enjoyed but sang and attempted a jig.
Just so that readers of the blog know that, as a monk, I'm not totally in maya, or illusion, and steering away from devotional functions, the swim was a way of approaching devotee care.  Seeing to bonding and attention to some healthy but clean physical activities is essential for spiritual upkeep.  Secondly, the mere joy of it all, set everyone ready and prepared for our evening kirtan in the public at Miami Beach's streets.
That event and experience became memorable.  The last time I came here was at Halloween night when a group of us Krishna monks came to do what we are known for - kirtan.  I think it was the time of day, when dark, that it just became too "risqué” for our innocent eyes.  I made a commitment then, "Never again!"  Yes, indeed for favourable  devotional service you must always pick and choose.
May the Source be with you!

? km (hard to say in the water)

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