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Friday, May 29th, 2015

Friday, May 29th, 2015
Edmonton, Alberta

Out There

William Hawrelak Park was our chosen walking spot which included trails trekking along the North Saskatchewan River.  Bala Krishna, our temple coordinator said of the walk, "The wild rose, Alberta's official provincial flower, is such  pretty plant, a perennial that survives hard winters.  It teaches us how to persevere obstacles.  

Raja Gopal said this, "I was in awe to see the expanse of the river from the viewpoint of the middle of the walking bridge.  Nature was giving us a wide welcome."

Madhavi, Raja's wife, who runs our Sunday School, really liked when we sat on the grass and when we took some moment to chant japa together.  She expressed to me that after the sit that I was a botany professor as much as I was a chanter because I had educated them in some of the local plants, and also suggested to her that we make a lilac tea from the bush in bloom near by.

Raju expressed that the breeze was perfect, "I'm always in an office and it was such a relief being out in the elements."

Sandiya said, "I got a charge out of harvesting dandelion flowers for tomorrow's pakoras.  You see, today is an optional full day fast, including water.  I can't wait to try them out as a snack, but I'll have to wait til tomorrow."

Sudeep came from the office and joined us for the trek, but couldn't get away from talking on his cell phone.  But, like myself, I'm sure he just couldn't ignore the powerful scent of wildflowers.  

It's good to hear from others for a change.  Congratulations to Ria who took diksa (initiation).  Her new name is Saranagati.  And Rajesh happily accepted the name Raja Gopal.  

May the Source be with you!

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