Thursday, 4 December 2014

Sunday, November 23rd, 2014

Buenos Aires, Argentina

People Stayed

Sunday proved to be just that – sunny.  Under this condition more people are inclined to travel from far reaches of the city to get on with the Ratha Yatra, the Chariot Festival.  I became the privileged chanting leader for the procession at the start.  The challenge was the increased number of humans.  Moving on foot in crammed conditions proved awkward, especially if you play a musical instrument.  My piece of paraphernalia was the microphone.  I was noting that the mic I used was small enough to fit through the earringed earlobe of a fellow.  Not that the mic was small, the ear hole was huge. 

Our usual location for entertainment and food was perfect – shady trees and peaceful atmospheres.  The stage was the best set up yet, about 8 by 5 metres.  It amazed me when music bands came in with their equipment, they know their stuff so well with their cables, gadgets and playing instruments.  The band called ‘Mukunda’ does this reggae style of kirtan and the yoga rave band called “So What” provide excitement to their respective audiences.  There was a clear focused attention given to our drama, “Little Big Ramayan”.  The great epic condensed to a half hour as we presented is very riveting. 

After the two ‘hot bands’ completed their sessions, we were on.  Not the drama, that came earlier on.  A monk from Germany, Gaura Vani Swami, and I, were expected to hold and excite the crowd.  With no chance of rehearsals to our more traditional approach, it left me feeling somewhat apprehensive.  The sun had vanished for some time by now, and we thought people were likely to depart.  Both GV Swami and I were taken by surprise, people stayed and followed the chant and our improvised dance steps.  We held the crowd.  It’s all the mercy of Krishna, really. 

May the Source be with you!

7 KM

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