Saturday, 27 December 2014

Saturday, December 20th, 2014

Calgary, Alberta

Prairie Hopes

You can see the sliver of the moon, it was sky suspended as usual, hanging particularly low.  Gaura Chandra and I were trekking on the Greenway Trail when we spotted it this early morn.  From our view, our imperfect sense projection, that one thousand miles could get you there, to the point where you could stand under.  A good leap or thrust upward might allow you to grasp the sliver.  There you might dangle for a few seconds before hoisting yourself up to sit upon it.  That would be the coolest thing. 

Of course, we’re just dreaming.  In all reality, our age restricts such frivolity.  And, as usual, my dhoti, lower monk robe, wouldn’t measure up to the task, but may fantasy continue to take its course. 

Speaking of courses, my afternoon was occupied with feet firmly on the ground as I was facilitating a Kirtan Standard Workshop.  To accompany me in this endeavour was Dhruva Das from Montreal.  Together we presented the disciplines and joys applied to the ancient practice of sacred sound output.  The 50 plus people there were intrigued.  In fact, the response was such that you could see the craving for more guidance on this and other topics which deal with bhakti, devotion to Krishna.  In the evening, such eagerness for more fullness in devotion came through at a satsang, the home of a Bangledeshi family was the hosted space for Dhruva and I.  There, a flow of questions came, primarily from university students.  It was so sweet. 

I picked up on a phrase of goodwill from one of the attendees.  I really like it, though it may not top, “Hare Krishna” ever. 

“Merry Everything!  And a Happy Always!”

May the Source be with you!

5 KM

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