Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Monday, November 17th, 2014

Toronto, Ontario
Coming Back
Coming back to my desk I was greeted by the latest sent package. Through the padded package I could feel it was books. Tearing it open with a kid's excitement, the easy-to-do surgical session revealed the latest devotional meditations by editor Krishna Ksetra Swami. Part three of the series is entitled Gaura Smarana. Contributors of monologues on these devotional reflections are many. My gift was a piece called, "Jagai's Recall." Here's the opening of a monologue by confessions of a former derelict:
"Some people call it fate, some people call it luck. Others say that karma brought me to my present state of relief, calm, and joy; that I am the recipient of some meritorious doings in the past, that I earned it, that my higher birth with brahminical brain, bones, and blood bore the fruit of good fortune.  Most solemnly, I will say that these notions are no more than the hot fresh dung of a monkey. In fact, I will argue this point from the height of the heavens down to the big hole of hell, that none of the above fits the description of my personal destiny. I will declare it most emphatically that chance, effort, and birthright, play no part in the blessings that I currently enjoy.  The only, and I say "only" truthful explanation behind my present good turn in life is that I happened to stand in the pool of His radiance..."
May the Source be with You!
7 KM

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