Thursday, 4 December 2014

Saturday, November 22nd, 2014

Buenos Aires, Argentina

How November 22 Went

I have a sister whose birthday is today.  I usually never forget it.  I remember walking her home from school the day that JFK was assassinated on the same day.  That was an impactful day.  Who will ever forget? 

Somehow, being immersed in devotional service, dates just do not register in my mind.  I also didn’t have Roseanne, my sister on my mind, not until this writing, what to speak of remembering the day that those fateful bullets hit the US president.

There was just so much engagement, in fact, 16 hours straight I spent in a basement room working with a crew from scratch, “Little Big Ramayan”.  It was going to be my finale of this piece for this year.  Trying to direct a play to people who are accustomed to a different language, Spanish, is very interesting.  I would give a directive, and three or four people would volunteer and blurt out their own translation to the poor artist who was trying to understand.  And, as you may know, the Spanish language is much more flowery and expansive than the English language.  That approach had to change, so I had to select one person (uno) to help me with this.  Furthermore, working on a tile floor for those hours in a basement takes a toll on the body, and it happened to be a damp day.  The temperature outside is moderate, but tomorrow promises to be 30 degrees plus Celsius, a chance for sun exposure. 

Walks in the city can be pleasant enough.  I took note of less dog dung on the streets from previous years, trees are tall and shady, the air is great, it’s spring.  Pigeons are well fed here, plenty of breadcrumbs are dispersed by benefactors.  Doves are also recipients while Robins go for the worm after the fresh showers of rain.

I’m loving it. 

May the Source be with you!

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