Friday, 19 December 2014

Monday, December 8th, 2014

Vancouver, British Columbia

I Was Walking

I was walking in darkness, at night, a meagre mile with a young fellow from the island.  Everything was obscure because of lack of light.  Whatever dim light did exist, for instance, oncoming headlights from a car, casted an illusion.  What might look like a puddle of water was actually an upraised patch of dark asphalt.  And that which appeared to be a dip in a road, might turn out to be an elevation. 

Some people live in darkness (by choice usually) and this poses a problem for perceptions on life.  That which is perceived as beneficial could actually be detrimental and vice versa. 

Walking partner, Adhosha, by name, got wet in the process like I did.  The rain that descended limited our vision a tad bit more.  This only meant that we had to be extra sharp with our steps, and carefully avoiding to get socks soaked.  Wet footwear doesn’t matter, but when socks are drenched, it’s a little unpleasant.  When it does happen, then it’s time to take shelter of tolerance. 

I had a full day of meeting people.  Now with the wrap up of the day, I, or we, are meeting the elements.  It brought about some introspection. 

May the Source be with you!

5 KM

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