Friday, 19 December 2014

Sunday, December 14th, 2014

Edmonton, Alberta

Live the Movement

The offer was on by my host, Yogendra, to try out the track at the new Meadows Rec Centre, located in his neighbourhood.  With this agreeable proposal, I took to the 4.25 laps that make 1 kilometre.  I completed my desired 6 km for a morning jaunt before my first engagement for the day. 

I find it awkward to do the counter clockwise walk.  I understand they alternate the direction each day.

I got a charge from the caption I read on the back of one woman’s tshirt, “Live Your Movement”, is what it said.  I’m sure that this is a take on how you move your body, but this was a good message which I took as a queue to voice my feelings in regards to the movement that I’ve joined.  Sometimes I’m a little concerned regarding some immature dynamics that I find go on even in a spiritual community.  In my talk to the community, I mentioned that a person behaves at school, behaves at work (might even behave at home), but when in a devotional environment, it should not be the time to vent or to emote.

“In a spiritual setting it calls for shanti –peace.”  To add to the message, I expressed that as long as humans come together, there will eventually be a collision of opinions.  A decision needs to be confirmed in order to unlock an apparent stalemate.  It is structure, a respected managing team, that carries the responsibility of breaking the dam that hinders the flow. 

Now, I joined a movement which sometimes is on pause.  I pray to be instrumental as much as possible, in pressing ‘play’ if not, ‘forward’.  I pray to ‘live the movement’ and to practice what I preach.

May the Source be with you!

6 KM

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