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Monday, Dec. 22nd, 2014

Toronto, Ontario
Wet Socks - Yuck
I was pacing back and forth in the foyer of our ashram and I found my feet getting wet from the carpet.  I decided to remain socked and unshoed in order to avoid a pounding effect on the floor.  Beneath me, on the level below, ashram dwellers are asleep.  It is the women's wing of the building underneath.  Every time you take a step on the floor above, where there is not a laid out carpet, the pressure from the feet can be heard below.  In order to show my R-E-S-P-E-C-T to the ladies, I decided to "sock it to me" and use the closest thing to a soft shoe effect.  In other words, socks only.
Unfortunately, I felt as if I was not the recipient of the red carpet treatment while I was pacing (the carpets are red, by the way).  The cleaning boy who comes at night apparently left the floors too wet and did not leave enough drying time before laying out the carpet strips.  Results were annoying.  The carpets absorbed all the water used to mop the floor, leaving a wet sock experience.
Now there is about nothing worse than parading around in wet socks inside or outside the building.  It's a pet peeve of mine.  I would liken it to consuming a cold eggplant curry dish.
Two things had to be implemented I felt.  Number one, I would let the carpet strips hang to dry.  Number two, to inform the cleaning lad to improve on his services. 
Heaven knows that when it comes time to do your walking you want the most peaceful situation possible. Reality tells though that whenever you execute anything in this world there will always be something coming your way that will agitate.  During such perplexing times you can curse and cuss, but I decided let me "adjust my sails". At this point I was peaceful within.  Of course, I didn't forget step three, to remove my wet socks and chant Hare Krishna.
May the socks be with you (dry ones).
3 KM

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