Saturday, 20 December 2014

Monday, December 15th, 2014

Edmonton, Alberta
Sudama Gopa is one of the two local pujaris at the Radha Govinda Cultural Centre, and he was kind enough to drive me at opening hours, 5:30 am to the rec centre. I learned later that is was the same time as the morning arati, the ceremony to honor Krishna. We both missed that event but, as usual, my walking, this time again at an indoor track, would prove to be spiritual nevertheless.
As long as chanting or divine contemplation takes place as legs move forward, you have got a spiritual program. Moving at a good clip, Sudama stuck right next to me, then he slowly ended up following behind. Then he just disappeared. Eventually he reappeared. Adventure got the better of him (or perhaps my pacing was too high gear). He made his way to one of the numerous gadgets you can use to “workout”. Anyways, all was done in an effort to trim down and reshape flesh. In the evening we had a session to fine-tune our approach to precious kirtan. The effort here is in tweaking the ancient practice of devotional music. It was really just a warm-up to a future more evolved presentation that I will make. What I find here in Edmonton is that our community is wanting and willing to know how to improve their lives through improving kirtan.
May the source be with you!
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