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Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

A Tenor

Toronto, Ontario

Dustin Hiles sings opera and has expressed an interest in going to India.  I told him I know a place where his voice could be well utilized.  He has sung for the Queen and other dignitaries.  Recently he played around with the maha mantra, applying it to the classic rendition, melody wise, to Ave Maria.

Dustin has also run for office for the political party, the Liberals.  He currently resides in the country’s capital, Ottawa, and had just made a stopover in Toronto.  He’s fond of our temple and ashram, the residents and the prasad (the blessed veggie food).

I took the opportunity to walk with him to meet his aunt Marilyn.  We went en route to the music conservatory.  Inside are exhibits of old time musical instruments.  One piano, Chopin had played. I was intrigued with a serpent flute as well as a walking stick flute, both from another era for sure.

Dustin was getting me updated on what’s going on with his life; quite positive.  He also inquired about how to advance spiritually.  I was eager to suggest the following:

“You have a great voice.  Why not learn some sacred Sanskrit mantras?  Chant mantras of hope, sing them out and deliver them to access the ears of the world. “

I also indicated that there is a super sacred place in India where the acoustics are likely very conducive for an opera voice.  Dustin has an incredible set of lungs as a tenor, and I personally believe that he could help with what is called the Pushpa Samadhi with stone ceiling, and offer an enhanced purposeful space.  Thousands of pilgrims come there every day.  It is a sublimely attractive place.  I go there every year and spend hours in the downstairs auditorium.  I do feel the samadhi itself could be more than what it is.  Instead of it being a seemingly museum type of space, if its ether is more regularly infused with meaningful sound, emphasis on voice rather than on musical instruments, it would be a magnet of a place.

The Earth could do with more sacred space and less factories, what do you think?

May the Source be with you!

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