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Thursday, November 7th, 2013

Going South
Toronto/ Miami/ Buenos Aires
My brahmachari assistant, Maha Mantra, and I got to experience the air of the airport in these three cities before our nostrils hit the out-of-doors in Buenos Aires. Walking wasn’t much; whatever you go through in the corridors of the airport is the sum total of your steps.
“Watch my luggage, will you?” I asked Maha Mantra in Toronto, “While I pace a bit back and forth.”  So, I went off in Terminal 3 to pass by shops, passengers and officials, waiting or busy. On the news, monitors display the ground breaking broadcast highlighting Toronto’s mayor admitting to taking crack. You get a little tired of hearing about all the blunders. By the time I reached another screen, another new item covered the one before about a victim of some oppression and how now some healing took place. It appears media occupies itself in so many sob stories, they will be repeated to death again and again.
Our flight was pleasant enough. We took to reading the book “Ramayana Smarana” the book “Bhagavatam” on his iPad. It shows you the difference in generations. There were many hours to kill on this jet flight so we treated ourselves to watching a movie - `”Jobs” about Steve Jobs, the technical visionary who passed away two years ago. It is a known fact that Steve used to travel on foot to have his vegetarian meals at the Hare Krishna Temple, and in the film he is shown to be at the campus lawn to hear some Indian pundit speak. Now I have not read on his life story but it would be my speculation that he was in regular contact with Krishna on some level.
We came for a landing at Buenos Aires. Temperature is great. The screen showed a comfortable just below the 20 Celsius mark. But before we hit the outside a young woman in the airport the boutique was selling perfume. She was tall, beautiful, and sported a golden smile. As Maha Mantra and I were about to pass by her she, raised her palms in pranams and said “Hare Krishna”.
What a welcome.
May the great Source be with you!
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