Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Saturday, November 2nd, 2013

The Actor

Brampton, Ontario

Early this morning I met the most amazing actor. He looked wholesome and was stylish in attire. At the time, he was very much in the enjoying mode before he got fearsome.

To be more specific, when on my japa meditation walk at 5 AM in the quiet suburbs of Toronto, I stumble upon an opossum. It’s the first one I had ever seen in Canada. He’s a hairy guy, he had in his possession an apple which he had been chewing on. The reason for me calling him an actor was because he was faking it – dead. Like the saying goes, ‘play possum’, referring to lay low and play dead. This little guy pulled it off real well. He was rather motionless, laying partially to the side, yet I could tell by some jaw movement he was very much alive. His stoic posture is his defense method. It’s instinctive, if not genius.

I wanted to let him know that he had nothing to worry about when meeting a veggie monk. I was able to get close enough and let him catch the sound of the mantra. I proceeded to walk with the intent to come back a few minutes later, and sure enough, I found him gone, his partially eaten apple missing as well. Perhaps he’s found a tree to suspend himself from by means of his powerful tail. I’d say he’s quite professional at what he does. I was reminded of the Gita statement, “I am the ability in all.” Wherever talent lies, it all emanates from Him.

Later in the evening I was proudly engaged in the grand opening of a new facility for VEC, an acronym for Vedic Educational Centre, sponsored by ISKCON. This facility will function as a temple on Sunday while on other days of the week will hold Gita classes, kirtan, cooking demos, Odissi classes of dance lessons, perhaps even South Indian martial arts.

To celebrate its opening at 6 George Street in downtown Brampton, we staged a drama, Gita: Concise. It was performed by our own local actors who are very sincere. They did splendid. They helped me to reflect on the expert marsupial little fellow, the opossum, and the opossum reminded me of Him.

May the Source be with you!

8 KM

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