Monday, 11 November 2013

Sunday, November 10th, 2013

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Once again, Sebastian lead me on a trek through some of the streets, noisy and quiet. I had contemplated during this time my advantaged life as a sannyasi, a position I had taken since ‘84 which was a formal vow as a lifelong monk. The eleven years prior I had been committed to the stage of brahmachari with the option to be married at any period. The ‘84 solemn promise nailed the coffin shut to any worldly pursuits, at least for this life.
Yesterday I spoke from Canto 3 of the book "Bhagavatam" to the local group of Krishnas, bhakti-yogis, and how sannyasa is both free and grave at the same time. My translator to Spanish is Veda Vyasa, who’s part German, Spanish and a few other things. His destiny, glorious as you could imagine, is to take those vows of celibacy entering into sannyasa in four months from now when he verbalizes the commitment in India.
Here’s a very stable person, devoted to teaching the devotional arts. He’s in the 60’s range of age, he dedicated himself as a husband to one woman and bred two great kids. With their consent he’s taking that bold step. It’s rare. It’s inspirational for others to see this kind of spiritual loyalty.
For myself, I could not have enjoyed the freedom to travel as I do, had it not been for the single life, so I bathed my consciousness into moments of gratitude for this. It’s not a matter of becoming a tourist or sight seer, it’s more a matter of travelling about and contributing to people’s personal detachments from the world and readying themselves for the final exit from this life.
The great universal truths such as learning detachment are taught by Sri Krishna in His delivery of the Gita. For the entertainment, or rather, enlightenment that was presented on the stage at Plaza Francia, a combined effort by actors from Canada and Argentina presented at Obra de Teatro. Krishna and Arjuna were portrayed by Miarianno Sobodia and Marcello Brushetti. The message was one of learning the gradual disconnect from this world and making a growing bond to the Great Spirit.
May the Source be with you!
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