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Monday, November 4th, 2013

Tip the Scale
Toronto, Ontario
I had a real meaningful discussion with a male student while on foot. He believed as I that everyone--well, almost everyone ... at least 99.99% of us-- are good, but we do carry baggage. We are a combination of what's divine and diabolical. We are pure and profane at the same time. We are all in this dual domain.
Chapter Sixteen of the Bhagavad-gita puts it very clearly that the world is cut with the powers of the divine and the demoniac. And although we are encouraged to always think or be "balanced" it becomes rational that every individual should tip this scale. Life's mission has much to do with putting weight to the virtuous side causing vice to lighten up. That is the entire thrust of the Gita's message; to address anger, lust and greed.
By the way, they do have their place, too. The steam pressure of anger can be released of its lid when one is on the defense of battle, when there is injustice and when one must stand up for the vulnerable. Lust can do a front flip to become love for the Divine. And greed can do a backflip and transform as eagerness to attain the Lord's favor.
Chapter 14 of the Gita outlines the three modes of nature, goodness, passion and darkness-- the three states of consciousness. Life is a bag of trail mix in regards to each individual spirit being influenced into negative and positive ways. This is not to complicate matters-- going from two principles, good and evil, to three, but the karma in this world can be complex. Surely a sensible person can appreciate what is permanent and that which is not. He/she will gravitate to the eternal and endeavor in doing what it takes to be good.
As I wound up my walk and when my walking/talking companion had to go his way, I reached a juncture at the street. It was at Yonge and Bloor where a fellow bent his head slightly down to maneuver his lighter to his cigarette. Once he succeeded to have it lit he looked up at me and mumbled, "Hare Krishna." Two forces were coming from the same pipe (his mouth), which kind of prove the point made. There’s strength and positive in all.
He had me smiling. I hope I'll meet him again and hope that he'll outnumber The mantras to the cigarettes.
May the Source be with you!
7 KM

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