Monday, 11 November 2013

Saturday, November 9th, 2013

I Remember
Beunos Aires, Argentina
I remember reading that our guru, Srila Prabhupada, had a good feeling when he was a student and would sit on a clean seat at a clean desk at school. The sensation is the same when you walk on the street that’s just been hosed down. With spring being what it is in Argentina, trees drop their blossoms, buds and leaves. I hate to say it but dogs leave their doo-doos all over the place (can’t blame the pet really).
Sebastian is a 23 year old and was great enough to take me around through the streets. At one park a few party goers took us to be Arabs judging be their innocent remarks. More enlightened were a couple of guys in a fast car who spotted us and suddenly came to a halt to talk to us. “I had been to south Asia – Thailand - and I really got to know some of the monks there. I really like their vision on life,” said the driver. He shook hands with Sebastian and I a few times over, all in good spirit.
Vision is something that many people are cut short of, referring to the inner vision or penetrating into your actual self. I spoke with Louis from the news paper in Argentina later at the temple at the second day where a 12 hour Kirtan took place. Louis is a very respected journalist whose forte is spirituality when it comes to writing. He views a spiritual teacher as a kind of doctor who diagnoses the world and after due analysis, offers a medicine. He asked me what my take on the world condition is and what my prognosis would be.
I cannot claim to be a great luminary by any stretch of the imagination but I did offer this, “ We live in a world with many social ills, relationship issues, so much discord and a submission to things that harm. Emphasis is on the urges of the body. The atma (spirit) is neglected.”
What is the cure? A practical cure?”
“Secure a small space, have a powerful drumming mantra session. Dance and sing. Have nice food, ahimsa vegetarian food. Stipulate "no drugs!" Encourage one and all to come. Let them have a higher taste. Watch the results!” I suggested these events to be a regular feature. See the culture transition. I then had to dismiss myself to lead some kirtan which becomes a hot sweaty experience.
May the source be with you!
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