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Friday, November 8th, 2013

Here Again!
Buenos Aires, Argentina
It`s great to see that the Krishna community here is growing. There’s Prema, an Argentinean who himself is a monk heading up the rest of the crew of monks. You won’t find a more jovial fellow who’s musical and who lead the greeting party with a kirtan when Maha Mantra and I arrived at Templo Hare Krishna Ciudaddelapaz. There`s also Mahahari, the local leader, and his American wife, Gandharvika, super talented cook and Govinda’s manager. I see many familiar faces. You have diehards, or core members, loyal and committed. There’s always new seekers of course.
Maha Mantra and I were given accommodations in a former private school building which now serves as an ashram, temple and restaurant. Being that some areas are under construction the place is one of simple circumstance. It takes two flights of stairs to get to a busy washroom. Renovation goes on during the day, making lots of noise, but when you consider all the new space coming together, the sound is really music to the ears.
To contribute to the upcoming weekend Chariot Festival, Maha Mantra, Philippe, also from Canada, myself and a group of devotees from Mar de Plato work hard on a Spanish rendition of the drama ‘Gita: Concise’. As author of this paraphrased view of the Gita, I’m also the director. Between rehearsals many of our drama crew take advantage of the 12 hour kirtan taking place. I was given an hour slot at which to lead a session. The Argentineans give their true fullness to the chanting dynamics which I think is in part thanks to their Latino blood which is always happy for song and dance. My Bengali friend, Ajamil, is also present to lead his usual rousing version of Kirtan. I’m Just surprised that the neighbours aren`t complaining. But then it appears to me that a party atmosphere is a regular feature, not a bad program necessarily for the young at heart. It might be the reason I keep coming back every year.
May the Source be with you!
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