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Sunday, October 27th, 2013

See A Bigger World

Harish, Israel

The day started off with a few of us exploring a trail at Aeriels' perimeter. With fence and barbed wire top, it was assumed it's out-of-bounds, a security road only. But no, it was confirmed by a local body that it is a route that walkers generally take.

The view is pleasing to the eyes with valleys of cream-to-beige coloured rock. The vista reminds me of the backdrop of a Charlton Heston 50's film. The sun is ever present and air is dry while condensation, and morning dew, is prevalent on most services, a desert dynamic. Temperatures are in the mid 20's by midday.

Friday is the day for the Muslims. Saturday is the day for the Jews. Sunday, today, is the day for the Christians. And, of course, everyday is special if you see it from an enlightened perspective.

Radhikatma and I drove to Caesarea, a town of ancient Roman ruins by the sea where we dipped in before the ride to Harish. I have a theory that mid afternoon should meet with a splash, a quick one. It's a great wake-up to challenge the grogginess as the day wears on.

Finally we made it to Harish, a moderate sized city where you will find a community of bhakti yoga adherents. This group is mostly of Israeli descent. I thought to conduct a Nine Devotions Workshop here. Part of the session involves an ice-breaking few minutes. "What's your favorite color?" for instance is a question asked. It was remarkable how many of these participants like "blue". Is it a Jewish trait? As the minutes rolled on we all could see Chaitanya's doctrine or principle that there's uniqueness and commonality in any sphere of existence. We are one and different at the same time.

We had a jolly good time making our way through the nine devotions that bring us closer to the Devine. I always ask for feedback after the sessions are over. I think it was put nicely by one of the women who said, "It Really helped me and the group to open up and see a big world."

May the Source be with you!

8 KM

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