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Thursday, July 26th, 2012

To Highway 2

Cornwall, Ontario

On the Quebec / Ontario border I did begin trekking along the Saint Lawrence Sea Way which has multiple islands within it. I meditated with sound as I walked. After that I composed a letter to the trail I’m grateful to have.

Dear Highway 2,

Thank you for being what you are, a quite path that takes me along the scenic splendour of water and trees. You take me through communities of curiosity. You are no comparison to the nasty, hectic freeway nearby. You choose to follow the river. You cure and bend and offer a surprise around every corner. You were there first before the monster (the 401). You were the indigenous trail and then became the horse trail. You link the towns together like a thread. You are friendly to bikers, cyclists, walkers, and cautionary motorists.

I am taking advantage of your benevolence. I’ll try not to pound on your pavement too hard, just as a Vedic dancer begs the earth not to be offended by some stomping that might be needed to execute the various moves. Thanks for your being there on the map and under my feet. Your service is incalculable.

Yours sincerely,

Bhaktimarga Swami

The Walking Monk

Another thing about the road, Highway 2, it brought me friends, Rasamrita and Krishna Devi from Montreal came to greet us. Their determination is to stay with Daruka and I for a few days and to take up the challenge of walking. To add to this first day of excitement, we received a grand tour through an old cotton mill factory, now converted into an office building. May, a broadcaster from Variety 104.5 Radio, interviewed me and she so kindly took us around in the building to meet all the broadcasters. Todd from the Seaway News also came to see me on the road to do a story for the paper.

37.5 Km

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