Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Sunday, July 8th, 2012

To the Main One

Montreal, Quebec

I did not get externally dramatical over something today, yet emotions did stir up inside. It was a feeling of fulfilment that came over me.

After staging our little theatre piece, "The Jagannatha Story," at the Montreal festival, some appreciations came. Our little troupe of four principle actors, which are quite amateur but exceedingly devotional, were receiving outpourings of praises. It was not just peers of the actors but professional stage people that were laying out the comments and remarks. One acquaintance I know was in tears after seeing the performance. She does professional children's entertainment shows. Another woman who is well established in classical Bharat Natyam dance form in North America approached me about collaborating on some level. And then a world travelling bhajan singer, quite well known in the kirtan circles, gave all praise and expressed a desire to do something together.

So I felt good to hear these things on behalf of the effort of the young men and women on the bus tour. I may not get much credit for the trek these last few days, but there sure is joy coming from the creative outlet.

But just to go back to the road for a few short blocks, I found a few moments to break from the fest-fever and head in the direction of the westerly sun. A man sped by on his bike and whipped around in a u-turn. In an excited French parlance, he just wanted to compliment on the colour of the clothes. It really seemed to charge his batteries.

All around the day was great. A lot of love came at me. The major chore was trying to calm the antsy legs during the six hour drive back to Toronto.

Oh! How I want to be on the road again - to smell the great air, strike adventure of a different kind and feel myself closer to the Main One!

6 Km

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