Thursday, 19 July 2012

Friday, July 13th, 2012

From Fear to Free
Toronto, Ontario
I had just come out of the ravine, entering into the residential area of Rosedale when Carol, whom I never met before, was watering her lawn. Addressing me with a “Good morning!” I responded returning the same.
I could tell that she wanted more to say, so I stopped to reciprocate. We got to talking. She told me of her father who said to his kids at the dinner table, “When I die I would like to come back and let you know what happened.” She replied to her Dad, “Okay, but don’t come scaring me when you do.”
Years later (she told me), that one evening she woke up from sleep feeling like her mouth was filled with the coldest ice water. The voice of her father said to her, “Carol, you don’t have to grieve for me. I’m as content as I could be.” She told me that her dog reacted strongly and strangely to the visit by her father. Carol was simply relaying this story about her life, seeking some clarification.
All I could say is that there appeared to be a happy exchange within the family. The atma of Carol’s father came to give confirmation. “I’m happy here and I’m good!”
Carol started spraying the water from her hose towards the front yard tree. “He’s dying.” I could see that the towering fellow was going. His leaves were wilting. We started to speak about how the spirit of the tree was preparing to exit. I could also see that she loved the tree.
Carol believes in the soul’s transmigration. So I mentioned about the Gita’s reference to the atma’s travelling. She was fascinated. I invited her to the karma-free meals at our Govinda’s Dining Hall. I do believe she’ll come one day.
“Well, I must depart and allow my soul to travel via these legs. I am expected to lead a 12 hour chanting session at our temple on Avenue Rd.”
Carol said that since she’s been watering the lawn for a good while in the morning that I was the first pedestrian to return her “Good morning!”
And a good morning it was. The evening was also not bad. It was my first visit to the Bhakti Lounge at Church and Dundas. I was asked to speak on the Friday the 13th, about how to overcome fear and to become free. From fear to free.
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