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Saturday, June 30th, 2012

From Branches to Hanuman
Sandy Ridge, North Carolina
There were small winds that hit North Carolina leaving small and substantial branches on Sheppard Mill Road. I decided to walk that quiet road, and lucky for me, as midnight was approaching, the darkness of night was lit up sufficiently by the moon. Yes, indeed, it was a day where the sun was loathed and the moon was loved. Still temperatures were warm enough despite a breeze. The only thing that brought on a real chill were the dogs coming at me. Had it not been for one owner calling off two tough canines (species I don't know) I am not sure what may have happened. I can assure you though, that almost anywhere you trek in the world, dogs are a concomitant factor and 95% of them are harmless.
The night fell, and 5am brought on the mangal-arotik, a morning ritual of gratitude. Being the visiting monk, it became natural for a temple coordinator, Sivananda, to ask me to deliver the Bhagavatam message to the youth from our bus tour. In Canto 3, the child in the womb is described. Apparently, before birth the fetus can have a rather developed consciousness. In the verse, it spoke about the unborn child being known to share space in the womb with other living beings, usually of a more microscopic dimension. The Bhagavatam declares that the unborn child may even be very prayerful.
Somewhere in the discussion, and in the purport, it is described that the living being may have the good companion of clear consciousness. As it is stated in the Gita, the mind (or intelligence) could either be your best friend or worst enemy. Whether consciousness, intelligence, or mind, when on a good track they are your amigos. When they control you and you submit to them, then surely they are foe.
As a knife can be used favourably, as in cutting veggies, the instrument becomes positively useful. On the other hand, a knife could be used in a violent way to do harm. The criterion for success is in the proper usage of an instrument. Use the human body for self-realization purposes and you have hit the target.
Other lively moments for the day, well I visited the archives of our guru, his letters, publications, etc. The custodians of the archived material, Ekanatha and Nitya Tripta, are looking for successors to the preservational work. They have on their plates some work which is of an incredible inspiration.
What else? I was asked to do the voice-over for Hanuman, the character of "The Ramayana." In less than ten minutes Rangadevi, a devout Krishna follower, had me record the voice for the warrior for a project she's doing. It was a treat.
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