Thursday, 19 July 2012

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

Time Can Be Troubling

Hamilton, Ontario
Life in the devotional lane can be very hectic. I couldn’t even remember where the kilometers went by, other than on the bus ride to Niagara and then Hamilton. The combination of roasting weather and the company of young adolescent minds and ways weighs on the sharpness of brains, perhaps even memory. (Don’t get me wrong. I love the bus tour group. It is I who may be a problem for them).
In any event, where did time go for walking?
Time! It’s so precious, so critical. I was reminded about this most interesting aspect of the Divine, especially in the evening when our group performed in the premises of a quaint old movie house called "Mountain Theatre.” Performances went well, but timing or the rhythm of a show needed tweaking. There were gaps between items. This is being self-critical, of course. Items need to be definitive in terms of their length and there is also a respect for the audience as far as overall duration is concerned. A show over three hours, unless totally riveting, is a trite too long for some folks.
I put myself to blame for the oversight. Nevertheless, we had an appreciative enough crowd. Our girls mesmerized the audience. Custodians of the hall were touched by their discipline and grace. I had the chance to speak for a few minutes about welcoming anyone to Highway 2 as I trail through Hamilton. I’ve pegged down the date - Aug. 10.
Another memorable point of the evening was seeing Visvakarma, a dear godbrother of mine, play bass-guitar for Rajasi, the bhakti-rock group. He assisted in the emcee-ing. It was gratifying to see him so stoked-up about delivering the message of Krishna.
Hours passed by and this swami (me) passed out at midnight from devotional fatigue, while we passed by traffic, buildings, factories, trees and such. My bunk was like the rest in the moving bus which put on kilometre after kilometre. I guess I made good distance, only not on foot.
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