Sunday, 22 July 2012

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

I Left A Note
Regina. Saskatchewan

Our tour bus parked at a truck stop, it was early, at 4:30 AM all were fast asleep. All 32, minus myself. The drivers were also in slumberland. Perhaps, the best sleep our crew was having. The air is dry and the temperatures are below the 20s Celsius. I didn’t have the heart to wake up a soul.

I left a note on the driver’s seat, which read, “I left to go westward on Hwy 1 toward Regina. Signed, Bhaktimarga Swami.” So that’s what I did, I started walking. After I took to the road, the wind coming into the bus blew away the message. No one saw the note, but everyone knows me by now. Meanwhile, I had the time of my life. Doing what? Walking and chanting down the prairie road. The sensation is like moving within infinity. The terrain is flat, the space is immeasurable, the sky has no limit. Apart from motorists which are few and far between, there is rarely a resident. I could open my lung and sing with an open heart at a high volume that no one would care. Talk about a feeling of freedom, well, it’s there to be had on the open trail. This is something to be experienced by all of you, my friends, readers of this blog. With the sun on my back I feel support that will carry me for the day. When the bus did arrive I was content to be back with my summer family and content that solitude had its time.

The evening’s venue for our Mantra show, was at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum Auditorium. It was close to full in capacity. Gradually, our crew was getting tight on time in honouring the schedule.

How important is time! And space! Especially in the mystical prairie. Here you can be deceived. You think you’re approaching an object in the distance, and as you work your way towards it, it appears forever to be beyond your reach. Spiritual life can be like that. You feel that you are making progress, and then suddenly maya (illusion) may come to attack and expose a weakness. But don’t be fooled, the straight and narrow path of bhakti is to be clung on to. Even if one slips and falls by the wayside, simply crawl back and let the illusions of life know that you are made of tough nerve and will.

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