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Friday, July 20th, 2012

This Lake Has Everything

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

This lake has everything. Clay for facials (girls like this one), minerals in the water that are good for the skin, and it possesses a liquid that makes you buoyant when you dip in. The place is called Manitou Beach. People in Saskatchewan know of this little paradise. Having been here and having trekked the area before and appreciating the healing powers (which the Cree have known for thousands of years), I suggested to Manorama, our bus coordinator, to drop in. Here our morning was spent.

Several of the boys went ape. Once covered in the therapeutic clays they moved as monkeys and enjoyed the organic nature of grunts and leaps. They wouldn’t stop. It was good for a laugh.

Kaliapani, one of the bus drivers and I took to the Wellington Park Trail. What’s special about this mini ravine is the creek which is spring fed and which supplies crystal clear water before it reaches the minerals of Manitou. “Manitou” is native for The Great Spirit.

From the trail we got curious about the largest room in this petit town. The structure is called Dance Land, established in 1928 was a popular venue for the big band days. The floor made of maple wood is two levels, has an amazing spring to it created by pipes in between the two levels wrapped by horsetail hairs. I asked the attendant of Dance Land if they might have our troupe dance and chant for a short while. While a small group sat at coffee tables sipping on such and more. They were enthused. Destiny had it though, that time ran out as our group were rushing as it was time to prepare for the ride to Saskatoon to perform. Our venue was Broadway Theatre in downtown. Best hall yet. For a new city to Krishna Consciousness, the attendance was great. Credit goes to Kasyapa and Panchami who have built a friendship with local folks. It is remarkable what one sincere couple can do to affect a positive change for others.

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