Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012

On Tour

Edmonton, AB

Everyday, practically, our group is on stage. A couple of complaints made their way to the bus organizers earlier this week. Two of the actors were feeling that the practices were too much.

When someone responded to them, "Well you're a performer and you're on tour," then the many rehearsals seemed less severe. The message was, "You've got some status. Take it as a blessing." That changed the attitude somewhat. Although not on an actual stage, we did perform.

Anapayini's dance troupe did their stuff - marvellous as usual. The drama went on. Kirtan was also incorporated.

All was done in a temple - the Radha-Govinda Cultural Centre. Appreciations were plentiful here in Edmonton. This became a nice ending for my trip with the troupe. I parted from the bus here in Alberta. The group moved on to go South of the border. After they left, luckily I had enough back strength to make 3 Km on foot. I ventured along the Bow River.

I've never seen this mountain-fed channel of water so high in elevation. So there it is; nature at work as usual. All that rises does fall, and all that falls ends up rising. The soul seems to encounter the same. It travels to higher existences, and then reaches lower plains, inhabiting lower species. The Vedas also describe demigods being bumped, being defeated by the demons, and then vice-versa. Where is consistency in this world? The next time I visit this city, I may see the river at a shallow level.

Rivers are always good to be near. They are a constant reminder of the fluctuations that exist. Oh, and by the way, they are living personalities with very strong minds. I can think of the Ganges as one. If you read of her demeanour in the Puranic stories, you will find her to be fiesty, but also with a generous disposition. She is always travelling - at least her liquid is. She's on tour, she's important, and she has status.

3 Km

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