Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

I'm out

Iriquois, Ontario

I’m back on track and I’m out early. I zipped open the tent at our campsite at McLerron Island. After a shower, I tread the path at 3:30 AM and leaving Daruka and a couple from Montreal to take the extra slumber they deserved. As mentioned in the past you start early in the day in order to beat the heat. The early motorist happens to notice a dude in robes, me. He may have come from an evening shift at the local Kraft Dinner factory. Then someone else passed by to prepare the facility for the golf course nearby. Another person made his way to Upper Canada Village, an extraordinary historic park. It turns out that he was the shoe maker in the village. Our small walking party had three tickets to the village, a replica of a mid 19th century self sufficient community. Since shoes are an important issue for my mission, I gravitated to the shoe shop. The man makes his own shoes from hide and then applies wooden heels. After a 30 hour ordeal to complete one pair, in those days a pair of shoes were sold at $1.80

We also visited the tin shop, tin is a metal that was shipped in from England in those days. We learned that the tinsmith received a more healthy salary than his neighbour the shoe man. The interpreter was extremely informative. I asked him a facicious question, “Is the Tin Man your icon or guru?”

“No,” he said, “my Guru is the guy upstairs.” Referring to the Lord. To such persons it’s natural to speak about my pilgrimage. One other interpreter in period costume asked, “What order are you with?”

“Hare Krishna.”

“Oh yes, you have famous follower, George Harrison. I listen to him in my car.

“Great,” I said, “George was a good musician and decent follower.”

30 Km

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