Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

I Flew
Washington, D.C.
I flew from one nation's capital to another's. In preparation for America's birth celebration, I was brought to D.C. for the 4th of July party. Our youth bus group is not yet prepared to present a show near Capitol Hill. Besides, with renovations on the grounds, all groups, secular or spiritual, who usually line-up their displays had to bow out this year. This will not stop our group from chanting through the crowds, as in Ottawa. We are also a recognized group to participate in the Independence Day Parade.

Heat is on all the more. The move from Florida to North Carolina and now to D.C. did not make a great difference weather-wise. The newest challenge is having no power to cool things down. Imagine no air conditioning or even fans to help ease soaring temperatures. Three days ago, a storm knocked out power lines. As a spiritualist, I should be shifting into the tolerance mode. "Be tolerant like a tree," Caitanya says.
This is a very likeable imagery, a concept to embrace. I look out at the trees at our location in Potomac, where we are accommodated (but are not powered) and I see what they are going through. The sun bakes these green giants and they say nothing. Kind that they are, they take the sun and provide us with shade.
There is something to be learned from this. Take a blow and offer a pat. Receive discomfort but give comfort.
Nature is our guru. There is much to be learned from the natural world. The reminders are always to enhance our spiritual life.

At the writing of this day's blog, I have not as of yet walked a mile (although the airport's interior had me take a distance, at this point it's zilch). I'll try to sneak in a late night trek.
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