Friday, 10 December 2010

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Warm Treatment

Miami, Florida

Climate Change!

A year or two ago when Miami was hit by a cold blast the chief of the fire department set on his home a heating system which was underused. The system was defective and it started a fire which forced him to call the fire department. So tells the flight agent at the Westjet counter.

On the plea of having walking companions this morning I convinced a group that the trek would keep us warm (some of us are bundled up with winter coats and hoodies while attending sadhana in the ashram temple walls). The persuasion worked. The walk gave warmth. Even though we tread our way along the ocean's bay heading north from Peacock Park, the air was still and the sun rose to greet our left sides on the return journey. At Kennedy Park our feet hit a sidewalk entirely constructed of cork. My guess is that it was a good 3 kilometers with its myriad loops. What a great bounce that was. It is particularly designed for runners and walkers.

My trip to Miami came to a finish. I always enjoy my visits here. Perhaps it is the warmth of the dominant Hispanic blood that brews here and makes it so pleasurable. This is not to discredit any other places I visited on this trip in Pennsylvania or elsewhere in Florida. There is a delicious flavour to all locations.

Of course, people always seem to treat their swamis well and I am one hundred percent sure that not everyone who comes through our doors gets the same level of hospitality. There is sentiment in India that it someone comes to your home it means Bhagavan has come.

Bhagavan is another name for God.

Last note: Yesterday we spoke about George Harrison. Today marks the day of the passing away 30 years ago of John Lennon. Imagine! Time!

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