Thursday, 2 December 2010

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

A Trail Proposal

Port Royal, Pennsylvania

I have been trying to talk up a subtle storm to several members of the community, about establishing an exciting japa trail for in and around the property. In this approximate 350 acre plot of land you have a river, a creek, hills, flatlands, forests and fields. You have the Appalachian Mountain backdrop. There’s also an historic covered bridge and quiet winding roads graced with charming country homes that would be inclusive of a well planned trail.

Stave Priya, the young farmhand and I walked a portion of what could be a real attraction for pilgrims from the city. You could hold walking workshops and invite locals to come see nature from another perspective. The trail would be ideal for helping to reduce pounds of unwanted flesh. Stava had not yet been through the covered bridge so here was an opportunity. I suggested to plant a field of coniferous trees to add some diversity to the plant residents at the farm as long as ecology freaks don’t mind.

The trail can be designed for health and overall welfare especially used for the japa meditation aspect. One of the biggest attractions of the trail would be a visit to the temple, let’s not forget the barn and the cows.

The countryside here is stunning. “So, why not?” I asked myself. I asked Stava. A well maintained japa walking trail – forever! Little does he know that I’ve tried to stir up a trail hype in West Virginia community and the BC Saranagati. Why not dot the map with trails?


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