Monday, 27 December 2010

Saturday, December 25th, 2010

Santa Marga

Burnaby, British Columbia

Would they give citizenship to Jesus? I was just about to leave the temple for a morning walk. I slid into my boots ready to deal with puddles when a young man came in with a stack of "Asian Journal" newspapers and plopped them down on a chair in the temple's foyer. I remarked, "Thank you. I'll read one." So I did and my eyes fell upon the article on citizenship. It was disturbing.

A full picture of brown, white and black folks sworn in as citizens along with delegates upstaged everything else. The caption read: "Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kennedy on Wednesday, reaffirmed Santa Clause as a Canadian Citizen."

My immediate thought was that here is a reinforcement of a myth, an endorsement. The guy in the red has once again ousted Jesus and now has been given the key to the country without even asking. So I query, "Would they give gratis citizenship to Jesus, the real person behind the Yuletide?" In the past I have voiced my sour humbuggish attitude towards the commercialism of December 25, lamenting about the waning of the true spirit that prevails. I also will spare words other than saying "Shame on whatever cola company who molded Mr Claus, reshaping St Nicolas." And one more, "Shame on them for contributing to the diabetic obesity of the day."

I believe sections of Europe have hit it’s target when on December 5th, the pious Nicolas is revered in the genuine spirit. They are proudly not victims of this diluted fest.

Given all of that, my evening was pleasantly occupied with a new production engaging the kids, a drama skit called "When Maya Strikes." I was also asked by management if I would play Santa Claus for the kids, a tradition in this community. I said, "No! Santa Marga could be a compromise. How about that? No costume. Just me."

One by one the children came up to me to receive a stocking of devotional goodies. I love kids. They represent hope for the future. May the children of the future become blessed with the vision to see through such facades and be able to face reality whether mundane or Divine!


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