Saturday, 11 December 2010

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

I Took A Stroll

Toronto, Ontario

I took a stroll. A slight flu restricted my speed, so in all honesty I couldn’t call it a walk. My stroll was on Yonge St., a place where they go all out decorating the street for Christmas. I must admit it was odd to see a plastic snowman on someone’s yard next to a palm tree in Miami where I had just returned from. In Canada, it’s more like the real thing. I guess Santa’s closer to home here. Once the Russians and Canadians settled the dispute over who the North Pole belongs to, Santa, who supposedly resides there can claim his citizenship.

That brings me to a related topic about myth figures. Starting this week, public buses in this city will carry large signage, which will read in bold “Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence.” The subtitles read, “Allah. Big Foot. UFOs. Homeopathy. Zeus. Psychics. Christ.”

‘The Centre for Inquiry’ is campaigning to question the authenticity of everything from God to Easter bunnies. This group that brought Canadians the ‘There’s probably no God’ ad campaign are at it again. Personally I have no qualms about beings skeptical or to questioning. I do have to shake my head when the group puts the Creator and the boogieman on the same mythological page. The group is attempting to probe your intelligence and to yield to scientific evidence for proof.

My logic, call it scientific thinking or not, is that there is a creation and there are creatures and therefore there must be a mastermind called a Creator. And if you want my opinion on scientific achievements then I will venture to say that technology has helped the human race towards conveniences. But if we were to weigh the scales between the pros and cons of science I believe it has been more to our detriment. What has caused the spoils of our environment? Would it be science behind our greed? Has scientific evidence disproved God and actually proved Darwin’s evolution? No.

I got myself kind of worked up thinking about these things. My pacing started to pick up which eventually broke away from a stroll. I was walking again.

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