Thursday, 30 December 2010

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

How Much Can We Take

Toronto, Ontario

We all have trouble with people as much as we share joy with them. There is a person who comes around to the temple ashram whom everyone is rather tolerant of. I would describe this person as having eccentricities and speaks in such a way as it goes over top of your heads, or sideways or something or other. He’s amiable for sure, and there’s an incredible gentleness to him. He has been a walking partner for me at spontaneous moments for short jaunts. In that regards he’s a friend. It’s just the platform from which he appears to come from. It just seems that he sometimes comes from another planetary system with all due respect.

I was just about to take my daily trek when the person asked if I had a minute to spare. That moment turned into a Brahma’s moment which in a vedic context lasts thoudands of years. Before speaking I asked if it could be a subject matter relevant to the 21st century, but in my assessment it was not. I left for my walk fairly abruptly.

While descending some stairs to leave I had to ask myself if I was justified in being intolerant by not hearing the person out. A supportive tap on my back came from my peer suggested, “don’t worry I can handle the situation, go for your walk!” My analysis brought me to this point, as long as minor disturbances is balanced by positive engagement then we will tolerate. As long as a person speaks favorably of the process of the spiritual path and others there is a heart-warming voice that says, “yes we will share space with you but I have limited time and time is precious.”

I would also add that one such person in the space of thirty could be accommodated but more than that I don’t believe so.

I wish our friend the best. Life for him is a struggle like anyone else. He needs encouragement but also needs reminding of how much people can bear. We just need to be polite about it.


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