Thursday, 2 December 2010

Monday, November 29th, 2010


Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Kids stay home from school today even though Thanksgiving is behind us. Hunting season has begun in Pennsylvania. The Amish get little involved in the cultural activity, so I’ve been told. The Krishnas abstain altogether.
Sounds of shot -guns can be heard from all directions so it is advisable to avoid a forest walk. I had made it a point to stick to the roads this morning for my daily trek.

The major chunk of today took me away from pastures and trees altogether. The peaceful plane was downtown. In the heart of university town, Carlisle, is an old movie house converted into a theatre. One small theatre company which we have unofficially labeled as “Swami Productions” held a 12 hour stint on stage for the filming of our comedy “Lonely People”. The subject is to do with the topic loneliness as a form of depression.

Time sped by so quickly. All my three actors bore some kind of illness, fever and what not, but like troopers, patience & tolerance prevailed. We all come prepared psychologically for the long haul. You will find that sufficient preparedness will always lay out certain expectations. It brings about realistic acceptance.
Let’s say a group of us were to go on a safari expedition totally unprepared through the meanest of Amazon jungle where you find deadly biting bugs, thick and prickly bushes, streams of man-eating piranhas, prowling jaguars, poisonous creatures and pythons, swamps and the most intense heat and humidity. How long would you last? But with a well informed scenario you have a better chance to deal with a tough situation.

In spiritual circles there are often discussions about preparedness for life and death. These topics of “getting ready” are found in the books we call Sastras, spiritual texts.

On that note I would like to announce the parting of a dear soul and friend, Godbrother Dadhi Harta from Saranagati British Columbia. He passed away from a heart attack over the weekend. He was a very, very gentle soul. We are going to miss him.


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