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Friday, December 17th, 2010

Reflections of the Day

Toronto, Ontario

It will be day #3 where I put a zero next to my registering of km's at the end of each day's blog. KM is short for kilometres also referred to as 'Krishna marks' (at least in my mind). I place the 0 next to the KM with some feeling of guilt for not having walked, and now for the third consecutive day in a row.

I'll conveniently put the blame on my doctor for the lack of execution. "You're feeling pain," he said, "and in the lower abdomen, so it's best to walk very little until I see you."

So, like a good boy, or at least a good patient, I've been tolerating the minor option, pacing from one end of the room to the other. I guess it counts to some degree. Prowling the floor back and forth is not the same as a trek along a Newfoundland river, catching optimum fresh breeze while meditating on one of the veins of the virat roop (universal form of the Creator). Pacing indoors like this does remind me of our guru, Srila Prabhupada, doing just that at the time of his japa meditation. Personally, I did not see him do this as my time with him was very limited but the video footage is there. There you can see him pace calmly going back and forth in a room.

As I finished submitting this entry of the blog, I heard a rap on the ashram door's window. I went to respond to the need for the knockers to come in. There was Keshava, one of our junior-to-me members (at 29 I can't call him a youth anymore). As usual he was smiling there at the door and also after entering. He and a group of the other juniors -to-me returned form an evening of kirtan (chanting) where new people were introduced to the dynamism of Vedic culture.

And my evening, well, I traveled (not on foot) but by wheels to one of the burbs to see a young couple to discuss the marriage arrangements for the ceremony to come.

My reflections on these things:

1. all is done in God's service
2. young adults involved are the mercy of the guru
3. walking or no walking - service can always be done
4. it's sublime to think of the guru
5. from a practical point of view, zero doesn't exist

0 KM

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