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Monday, December 6th, 2010

Pull out the Anchor

Miami, Florida

Sunday Bhagavad-Gita Class Orlando 12/05/10

Floridians feel like its' the end of the world. Temperatures are dipping to the near freezing point. At least three people asked me “Hey Maharaj, did you bring that cold weather from Canada with you?

“I don’t remember packing it in my luggage “I replied. What a dual world we live in! It’s hot; it’s cold, up, down.

Dario, a Bosnian devotee, took to walking with me to the marine at Coconut Grove. Perhaps it had to do with it being Monday morning but yacht owners carried a rather grumpy persona. The weekend likely presented more sanguinity.

In Sanskrit you have this term “chappala sukha” referring to the flickering happiness of this world. The material energy does a very excellent job at throwing a merry go round of pointed ponies going up and down. To all this duality what comes as a response for some folks is moodiness.

I once heard a motivational speaker say “if you are moody it is symptomatic of self-centeredness”. I analyzed this remark for some minutes. When I put faces of acquaintances that are considered to have “moody” disposition that remark very much resonated with me. We are looking at people who don’t take too well to changes or dualities. They generally want you to know, “I’m miserable. I need some attention and for that ‘I’ll rear up my ugly hood and become a real irritation. It’s contagious you know. Here it is whether you like it or not.”

Perhaps this type of shock culture sounds familiar. The above description of drama queens and kings is so far removed from the transcendence that spiritualists try to achieve. The fact is that every one has a good chance to reach the enviable position of transcendence. But first we must learn to adjust outside.

Just like the fellows at the marine who use the sails. Winds and currents change constantiy. They know it more than anyone. The challenge is not the wind as Arjuna so aptly confesses to Krishna. It is the mind that rides through gusts of happiness and sadness that needs to be anchored. We must be firm against dualities.


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