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Monday, December 20th, 2010

Let's Shine Again!

Burnaby, British Columbia

I met a fellow today who was quoting Deepak Chopra on the topic of happiness. Apparently Deepak had visited Cuba and noted that the people appeared happier than their American counterparts. Even though many ex-residents of this island defected for the shores of Florida, and even though people have less, they appeared to be more happy.

In the world of freedom and high commercial enterprise like that of USA, the average person doesn't always have that contented look on their face. And like Elvis sings about a blue blue blue Christmas, you're going to find a lot of unhappy chappies. Why? Have we got too carried away with rules, red tape, greed and self-centeredness? A Newfoundlander might say to that, "Me thinks so!"

In the so called developed world, we are not scoring high in the relationship department. One of my assistants, Vrindavan, mentioned to me that the average relationship lasts for eighteen months. That doesn't sound too solid to the needs of the human being. Frankly, we are inclined to want a lasting partnership. Traditional values seem to have little bearing on folks today. Unfortunately there's an abundance of Scrooges and Grinches lurking about on their own and lacking love. We seem to have lost a grip on real pleasure.

If I may quote from the book that is so much selling like hotcakes this month, "The Science of Self Realization": "As far as the individual soul is concerned, it is originally a part and parcel of this pleasure potency, of the reservoir of pleasure Himself. However, due to contact with material nature, the soul has forgotten its actual position and has become trapped in the evolutionary process of transmigration from one body to another."

We don't need to keep returning to the world of unhappiness. Let's reawaken the naturalness within. Let pleasure shine again.

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