Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Sunday, December 19th, 2010

Passing on the Torches

Toronto, Ontario

With a several day visit from a lively-spirited person, Vaisesika, I see how he has an effect of boosting morales. His emphasis is on chanting, hearing, reading, building good relationships, eating great prasadam in good company. Equally important is his sharing of this beautiful lifestyle with others. He is contagious with this grassroots Krishna Consciousness.

For myself, it means taking a backseat, being less in the limelight and watching the magic take place. My visit to the Brampton Center allowed me to do the same thing. Now that I have a confirmed hernia challenge with my particular machinery, leading a chant becomes a strain on that body part. I had to refuse to lead and allow the privilege to someone else; again a backseat.

And for delivering a class on the Bhagavad-gita at the event, someone other than myself was slotted to do so. I enjoyed listening. It also gave me freedom to poke around a little and see what else was going on. I saw the Sunday school in full operation. Nice kids! Great teachers!

After a rousing evening program in the Toronto temple, when I sat myself on the back burner once again. Vaisesika asked, "How are you doing?" referring to the physical condition I'm going through.

"Well I'm seeing through a different perspective." I remarked. I suggested that if you play the role as a leader particularly as what's called a Governing Body Commissioner for our spiritual society, our beloved guru, Srila Prabhupada, asked those in the post to not always be in the forefront. He encouraged empowerment. Us big shots don't always need to monopolize the microphone.

When I saw a young, adorable boy of about seven sit on the vyasasan (the exalted chair for speakers), deliver a ten minute message on a preplanned arrangement in front of a huge audience, it was a clear confirmation. There must be succession arrangements for the younger blood to flow. That's being smart and progressive. We need, and the world needs, more of this type of sharing of responsibility and passing on of the torches.


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