Thursday, 6 August 2009

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

The Comedian

Toronto, Ontario

Jack came back. It was his second day to the temple. He spoke about his childhood and his many years of growing up in Hollywood. He grew up knowing many entertainers. He acknowledged that the one person who is by far the greatest star is God, Himself. According to Jack, God is a humourist. He quoted Voltaire by saying that God is the greatest comedian who has an audience that doesn't laugh. Most people don't get His jokes.

I certainly wouldn't disagree that God creates, God destroys and maintains, but there is a richer side to this Prime Entity we call God; there's a playfulness in Him. Take the life of Krishna and observe the many areas where he displays his frivolity. That must be where we get our light heartedness from when we show it.

I took a meagre walk through Yorkville tonight as a way to get the legs going. It's been rather sedentary today, including an hour on the dentist's chair. Through this area (a mere stone's throw from the ashram) where chic boutiques and classy bars and cafes nab the tourists, it just came across to me that no recession stops folks, they appear seemingly happy here. But the Joke's on them. It's all rather superficial.

I hope Jack comes back. He can talk more about the greatest entertainer, but I'll converse a bout the main star - You Know Who I Mean. By the way, Jack is a bit of a comedian himself.

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