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Friday, July 31st, 2009

A Wish
Brampton, Ontario

After a lively evening of sat-sang (spiritual association) at the residence of a family by the name of Pandey, I asked my driver to drop me off at Lawrence Av. and Avenue Rd., so I could walk back to the ashram (monastery). It was 11pm. I needed to pick up some calamine lotion to address the rash that developed around my neck. I believe the itch is actually a heat rash and not a possible poison oak rash from my trip to North Carolina.

At one point along the route Avenue Rd. southbound becomes divided by a plot of land occupied by Upper Canada College, an all-boys private school and a very reputable educational institution. I decided to cut right through the middle of the property as a short cut. These early 19th century group of buildings do have their own charm. I managed to peer inside one of the corridors. The view invoked in me a stroke of envy.

I do wish that our ashram had the same appeal of neatness and quality of structured workmanship. Just to compare, it is a source of concern for me to look inside some of our ashram rooms and see the irregular furniture, that some rooms are not so tidy.

Furthermore some of the ashram dwellers don’t take the regimentation of temple life so seriously. The brahmacaris (monks) are saints but naturally some struggle is there to be more regulated. Not all enthusiasm is sustained on the same level.

My wish would be to have an immaculate well- laid out ashram with super serious students and an ashram with attractive rooms for guests who will come for retreats. I would like to see retreats that nuture all across the globe.

Upper Canada College inspired me. The only thing is that the science of the self is not part of the curriculum here and that is what makes our ashram superior.

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