Monday, 24 August 2009

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

Last Day in NZ

In the Air, Pacific Ocean

After a full morning sadhna, spiritual work-out, held at the rural temple and a brief breakfast visit to a congregants home in the city, Radha Madhava and I braced ourselves for flying to Nadi in Fiji.
At security, a towering uniformed chap greeted me with a “Are you in an elevated state?” his remark threw us into a boisterous laughter.

“Just wait! In a few minutes I’ll be way up there,” I said (laughter again!)
“You’re a…?”
“Hare Krishna Monk,” I replied.
“Oh, yes the Beetles really helped you guys”.
“Yes, and George especially,” I said.
“Yes, it was George, wasn’t it?” he commented. I moved on seeking my carry on bags, which had been put through the radar.

While waiting at Gate 8 and anticipating that “elevated state” a young teen from Toronto recognised me and came forward. “You came to my home. We did some singing.” Another middle-aged local New Zealander plopped himself into a chair across from us and asked, “You’re an HK?”
“Yes, I’m.”
“My sister’s with your mission in Sydney…”
“It’s the robes and their colour that does it all the time,” I thought.

Us, monks stand out and draw attention. Naturally, we like it because we love to converse with people.

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