Monday, 10 August 2009

Friday, August 7th, 2009

Burnaby, British Columbia


Contribution! That word came to my mind, not in reference to finance, but more so to do with the skills and physical output that had been given to the world. I was just outside our Burnaby temple when, at least six of us alumni former monks came together at a sidewalk juncture. After a heartfelt exchange of words, I dwelt on the great services each of these Godbrothers contributed. One had succeeded in organic farming, another one in teaching, another one in running a tourist bus company, and yet another just by being a good dad and husband, what to speak of a host of other service contributions.

Each one of my buddies did not stay on as monastic persons like it was when I first met them, but they did their part to be the examples. It is unrealistic to consider that all persons will stay single for life, or in this case, as bachelors.

I do get asked the question frequently enough about the celibacy for life issue. It is so rare to find such a person. We do advocate good family planning.

But just to put the sex versus no sex topic to the side, my colleagues from the past, in their sixth decade of life, have lead decent lives which I really appreciate. Their position as role models in society is a tremendous offering, a great sacrifice, and a display of responsible living. I highly admire them for that. They have made their contribution. Bravo!

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